Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My two lifelines!!

A bright sunny day, the wing gushed her face she woke up with a wide smile on her face. It was a new day, a new life for her. She had come miles away from her loved ones for her academics, down south of India. She was happy!
A totally challenging world, different culture, different language, different attire! A complete roller coaster ride for her. But she was enjoying it all. It was her first day of college!
She got dressed up and all ready to leave. As she entered the class everyone saw her as the odd one out. She quietly went and sat in the last bench (although her favourite, a compulsion now) and was just gazing around. Since she was a big time chatter box, she went and spoke to a few girls. They were kind enough to help her with the notes as she was a week late to college. She went back to her hostel and from that point the disasters started. The other gals mocked at her as she was very different in her dressing sense, talking and general day to day chores. She was just taken aback by the attitude and general behaviour of people. Things like having a boy friend were a taboo there! She was like :O. Life was hell for the first 2 months until she met her two angels a very sweet gal named Keerthana (Keerth!) and her senior Rebecca (Becky!). It clicked, just clicked with both. They shared everything over this earth and under the sun. Their friendship bloomed and she loved it. She stopped caring about the ruthless world around her, and was really ecstatic with her.
Their late night talks, the hostel maggi, raoming around on the streets, breaking all the hostel rules, fooling the warden, mid night birthday celebrations…. All are remembered and cherished. They were one of the main reasons she topped her university. Their love, their encouragement, their warmth, their care and that ever lasting support made it all. They were together all the time.
Becky was like the guardian angel, protecting her from all the evil things. Pampering, cajoling and just being with her when ever she needed. Whenever she use to go for a date, Becky use to make sure she looks the best!  She is indeed still the most lovable person on this earth. Keerth is her best friend, she could love her, slap her, scold her, play with her, anything and everything!
But she knew that these lovable days are coming to an end. Both of had to leave that year. And, she knew she would go crazy with out them! She did go a bit crazy, but God is there to help her! That’s another long story! In short he gave me my guy! Haha.. ;)

The gal in the story is of course ME, and I just wanted thank GOD for giving me such wonderful friends. Love u both a lot. Miss you both so much, can’t express! Take care!